To transform whole fish into the
various products that Norfisk
offers takes a lot of work. This
work takes place at high-tech
processing plants around
Iceland, as well as in the
Faeroe Islands, Norway and
other North Atlantic nations. At
These locations, raw material is
processed by state-of-the-art
equipment and techniques
which insure the products you
buy from us meet the highest
Processing fish by mechanical
means is both efficient and eco-
nomical, and, at its best, results
in a fine end product that sets
the industry standard today.
But, as with all things in this
modern world, something is lost
when the human component is
eliminated. The traditional
method of fish processing - the
hand filleting and trimming by
experienced hands, the
attention to detail and gentle
treatment - is truly a lost art in
the western world. Here, it is
simply too time-consuming and
inefficient to consider.
Norfisk has found a way to offer
products worked the old-fashion
way at a price that is still afford-
able. It is our hidden advantage
in the world of fish processing.
We ship North Atlantic harvests
to China where a centuries-old
tradition of craftmanship is
applied to the processing of
the finest raw material in the
world. If you would like to see
how it is done, click on the slide
presentation from our plant in

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